Take Away

8 Manchester offer you our outstanding cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

V = Vegetarian    GF = Gluten Free    N = Contains nuts


Prawn crackers – £1.75

Seaweed V GF – £3.15

Sesame prawn toast – £5.00

Prawn envelopes – £5.00

Vegetables spring rolls V- £3.75

Steak rolls in black pepper sauce – £5.50

Chicken Jiaozi- £4.85

Vegetable Jiaozi V- £5.25

Spring onion pancake V- £3.65

Salt and pepper king prawn GF- £6.95

Satay king prawns N- £6.95

Steamed king prawns with garlic Sauce – £6.95

Steam king prawns with XO sauce – £6.95

Steamed scallops with XO sauce (each) – £3.45

Steamed scallops with garlic sauce (each) –  £3.45

Salt and pepper chicken wings – £4.85

Salt and pepper spare ribs-    £5.55

Salt and pepper squid- £5.55

Crispy fried squid in batter  – £5.55

Peking spare ribs – £5.55

Barbecue spare ribs –  £5.55

Satay chicken N – £5.00

Chicken iceberg lettuce wraps  N – £5.00

Vegetables iceberg lettuce wraps N V – £4.55

Salt and pepper aubergine V – £3.60

Aubergine with black bean sauce V – £3.60

Duck spring rolls – £4.40

Skewered steak in Cantonese sauce – £5.55

Skewered steak in black pepper sauce – £5.55

Prawn Iceburg lettuce wrap GF N – £6.25


Hot & sour soup with chicken and prawn – £3.85

Vegetable hot and sour soup V – £3.45

Chicken and sweetcorn soup GF – £3.85

Sweetcorn soup V GF – £3.45

Seafood and vegetable soup – £3.85

Won Ton soup – £3.85

Aromatic Crispy Duck

Served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber & hoisin sauce

Quarter – £9.00

Half – £14.60

Dim Sum

Steamed har kau   £3.85

Steamed sui mai   £3.85

Beef dumpling with ginger & spring onions   £3.85

Steamed chicken & prawn dumpling   £3.85

Main Courses

Duck Dishes

Pan fried duck with plum sauce and pineapple £9.00

Duck in lemon and honey sauce   £9.00

Duck in orange sauce   £9.00

Sliced duck with black bean sauce   £9.00

Stir fried sliced duck with seasonal vegetables   £9.00

Stir fried duck with beansprouts  GF   £9.00

Duck stuffed with prawn paste in a mushroom sauce   £9.75

Fillet Steak Dishes

Fillet steak Cantonese style   £13.25

Fillet Steak in black pepper sauce   £13.25

Fillet steak with ginger and spring onions   £13.25

Fillet steak with green peppers in black bean sauce   £13.25

Salt and pepper diced steak GF £13.25

Fillet steak with asparagus   £13.25

Beef Dishes

Deep fried crispy chilli beef   £10.45

Stir fried beef with wild mushroom in XO sauce   £10.45

Stir fried beef with green pepper in black bean sauce   £10.45

Stir fried beef in satay sauce N   £10.45

Stir fried beef with preserved ginger & pineapple   £10.45

Stir fried beef with curry sauce   £10.45

Szechuan style kung po beef with pepper & nuts N   £10.45

Beef with garlic chilli spring onion   £10.45

Stir fried mixed vegetables with beef GF   £10.45

Chicken Dishes

Sweet and sour chicken   £8.40

Chicken in curry sauce   £8.40

Stir fried chicken in green pepper black bean sauce   £8.40

Stir fried chicken in spring onions chilli garlic   £8.40

Deep fried chicken with lemon sauce GF   £8.40

Wok fried chicken with orange sauce GF   £8.40

Stir fried chicken with seasonal vegetables   £8.40

Stir fried chicken with satay sauce N   £8.40

Szechuan sauce stir fried with chicken N   £8.40

Preserved ginger pineapple with chicken   £8.40

Pork Dishes

Sweet and sour pork GF   £9.00

Roast pork fu yung   £9.00

Roast pork (char sui) with honey   £9.00

Stir fried char sui with root vegetables and nuts N   £9.00

Roast pork with curry sauce   £9.00

Fish Dishes

Steamed seabass with ginger and spring onions in light soy sauce   £12.50

Deep fried sea bass in Szechuan sauce N   £12.50

Steamed sea bass with black bean sauce   £12.50

Stir fried sea bass with XO sauce   £12.50

Stir fried monkfish with XO sauce   £12.50

Salt and pepper monkfish   £14.35

Stir fried monkfish with seasonal vegetables   £14.35

Sweet and sour monkfish    £14.35

Cod fillet with sweet chilli sauce GF   £11.95

Sweet and sour cod fillet  GF   £11.95

Seafood Dishes

XO stir fried scallops with tenderstem broccoli & asparagus   £12.50

XO stir fried king prawns with tenderstem broccoli & asparagus   £12.50

Mixed seafood in Szechuan sauce  N – Scallops | king prawn | squid   £12.50

Sweet and sour king prawns   £12.50

Sweet and sour mixed seafood GF – Scallops | king prawns | squid   £12.50

King prawns in curry sauce   £12.50

King prawns satay sauce N   £12.50

Noodles & rice stick

Chow mein: Soft or crispy noodles with a choice of:

Vegetable V   £7.60

Chicken   £8.35

Beef   £10.45

King Prawn   £11.85 Mixed Meat   £11.85 – Chicken | char sui | king prawn | beef

Singapore style vermicelli with prawns and chicken   £8.35

Stir fried beef with ho fan rice sticks (Dry)   £10.45

Stir fried beef in green pepper and black bean sauce with rice sticks   £10.45

Stir fried ho fan with mixed seafood in XO sauce (Dry)   £11.85

Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice V GF   £7.60

Chicken fried rice   £8.35

Beef fried rice   £10.45

King prawn fried rice   £11.85

Mixed meat fried rice   £11.85 Chicken | char sui | king prawn | beef


Pak Choi with oyster sauce V   £5.55

Tofu with seasonal vegetables with black bean sauce V   £5.55

Stir fried tender stem broccoli in ginger and garlic V GF   £5.55

Vegetarian mapo tofu with broccoli, baby corn, chilli bean with bean curd V   £5.55 Salt and pepper tofu V   £5.55

Side Orders

Wok fried rice sticks in dark soy sauce V – £3.45

Soft noodles V – £3.85

Crispy noodles V – £3.85

Egg fried rice V GF – £3.15

Steamed jasmine rice V GF – £2.75

Chips V – £2.65

Salt and pepper chips V – £3.00